Walking, cycling, golf, fishing, kayaking, horse-riding …  this is such a great area of France for all sorts of activities! Every town has much to explore and enjoy, and the countryside is stunning.

We are about an hour and a half from Biarritz and the beaches, and an hour from the Pyrenees for some serious walking or cycling.


Salies de Bearn is a beautiful medieval town about 30 minutes away, which has a wonderful spa des thermes, where many people ‘take the cure’. An afternoon’s visit to the hot waters will leave you invigorated in mind and body.


There are a lot of walking trails and cycling routes that go straight past the gite – head to the Tourist Office first of all to get all the up-to-date maps and information.

The Gave d’Oloron, which runs through Navarrenx, offers plenty of riverside activities, such as fly fishing, rafting, canoeing – or just picnics and paddling!

During the summer weeks virtually every village in the area has at least one fete day, when a local activity, such as salmon fishing, the town's medieval history, or local artisans or trades will be celebrated.  The whole village will join in and put on a grand display in the main square, where food, drink, crafts and activities can be enjoyed by all visitors.

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